The Economic Logic blog by guest posters


Here is how you can contribute to EL2 (this may be amended if need be):
  1. I will accept discussions of interesting research and interesting discussions of research. That means it can also be rejected.
  2. I may make a few small editorial corrections to the text.
  3. There needs to be a link to an IDEAS page.
  4. The research needs to be recent and in working paper form. This means it needs to be in Open Access (NBER and CEPR are OK) and unpublished.
  5. You cannot discuss your own research. This is not voxEU.
  6. You need to submit your text under your real name. It can be published anonymously, though.
  7. Send me an email with your write-up, mention if you want it under a pseudonym or your real name.
  8. I let you know about my decision as soon as I can.
Help make this a lively and interesting blog.

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